The WhatsApp Look-up allows you to quickly and anonymously see the status , last seen online and picture that someone has made public on WhatsApp. This trace is completely invisible to the user of the device.

How does the Whatsapp tracker work?

When you do a WhatsApp lookup, CellTrack will connect with the user’s phone to extract all relevant information for you. Though the data that can be extracted depends on the user’s privacy settings, a profile picture can be retrieved in most cases. The most important info such as whatsapp online status, last seen on whatsapp and public picture will be displayed on the screen in less than a minute.

How to Use Whatsapp Tracker

1 – Enter the desired phone number.

2 - Press the orange button to activate whatsapp tracker.

3 - Wait patiently. This lookup can take up to 60 seconds!

4 - When the lookup is finished, the results will be displayed.

⚠ Not all phone numbers have pictures associated with their account.

⚠ Not all profile pictures and info are public.

⚠ If the user blocked his profile for unknown contacts you won’t see any relevant information. In this case CellTrack will still deduct 2 credits.


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