GPS phone tracker is a powerful online app developed by CellTrack that helps you find a phone fast. If you want to find someone’s location, the GPS phone tracking service we offer will do the work. Furthermore, if you lost your phone, this is the best method to find it.

All it takes is to send a SMS, which contains a special tracking link. The best phone tracker app without permission for locating the device will increase your chances of finding a phone dramatically. Hassle-free and fast, the GPS phone tracker will display accurate location within minutes.

How to locate someone?

If you’re wondering how to locate someone, you’re about to find out the easiest way. This mobile number tracker will provide you with the approximate location by email, and it’s based on internet-IP information.

1. The person whose phone you want to track will receive an SMS which contains an intriguing link to a website. The website in question is just a normal site and has no relation with GPS phone tracking. Another benefit of using the GPS phone tracker is the fact that the recipient won’t be able to identify you so it makes a perfect way to find a phone.

2. The person will click on the link to visit the website. Once the link is opened, the GPS phone tracker will try activating the GPS antenna, which will allow CellTrack to send you an email with the location of the person’s phone. CellTrack also retrieves the Internet Protocol (IP) address. This means that, if the phone doesn’t have a GPS antenna or access is denied, you will still get a good estimate of the phone’s location based on the IP address it uses.

3. You will receive a notification and two emails from CellTrack. The first email will contain the IP address along with a Google maps link that will show you the approximate location our mobile number tracker identified. As for the second email, it will contain a Google maps link that will show you the exact location.

Find a phone easily

  1. Type in the user’s phone number to find a phone.
  2. Click on the blue button which says “Select a message template”.
  3. Choose the predefined message or one of the four tracking topics. You can choose to enjoy our amazing feature that lets you write the content you want.
  4. You will see the message preview so that you can check whether it’s good for your intentions. Whether you think someone you care about is in danger so you want to locate him or you just want to find a stolen device, this GPS phone tracker will do the work.
  5. By pressing the orange button, you will send the message that contains the special tracking link, and the user you’re trying to locate will receive it.
  6. Once the person opens the link, the GPS phone tracker will start locating the device. Don’t forget to check your email to see the emails from CellTrack.
  7. By opening a Google maps link you received in the email, you will be able to see the location of the phone you traced.
  8. Enjoy this amazing opportunity to find someone's location.

⚠ If the user blocks location services or does not open the link, CellTrack won’t be able to find a phone. In that case CellTrack will still deduct 2 credits.

⚠ The result of the location can vary greatly. If we do not get permission to activate the GPS, we can not retrieve an exact location. In that case you will not receive a second email from us with the exact location.

⚠ IP data from a GPRS/3G/4G connection does not give a good location estimate. WiFi however, can give a pretty good estimate. Therefore it’s a good idea to perform the GPS phone tracking when the person is connected to WiFi. This is usually in the early morning or when the subject most likely is at a hotel, at school, at the office, or at home.


This type of trace is very privacy sensitive and may only be used if:

  • Your phone is stolen
  • You want to track your children (under 16 years of age)
  • You have explicit permission from your employees
  • It concerns your own telephone and mobile number
  • If you have explicit permission from the person you wish to locate
If it appears that you violated one this rules, we will block your account immediately!

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