You’re on the worst date ever, or at the most boring meeting of all time, and the only thing that could save you is a message beep. So, you start to wonder, could I fake my text?

Have you ever been stuck at a boring meeting with no way out? We all know of those days that you need to get out of as soon as possible. The only thing that could save you from a situation like this is a fake text message. Furthermore, you can send a fake text to mess with someone’s head.

I’m talking about an SMS messaging service that offers much more than others do on the market. With CellTrack, you can send anonymous SMS, and it’s different because it allows for entering a custom sender. As a result, you get a message “From mom” or from anyone you want to. I can think of a lot of situations where an emergency message from a family member could have saved me from making awkward excuses that are too obvious.

Haven’t you been in situations where you needed a good excuse to get away from someone? Well, I found out that I can fake my text! Whether you want to have a good reason to get away or to send prank text messages, we got you covered! Keep reading because I’ll let you in on a little secret on how to fake text messages online.


How to fake my text and get the ultimate excuse (or prank someone)

Firstly, I would like to ease your worries and let you know that the service I’m talking about is 100% anonymous. It’s the perfect way to prank someone. All you need to do is to enter any desired phone number or text in the sender field. If you like prank text messages, you’re in for a treat because the receiver will think that the message was from the person you entered. What a time to be alive and prank anyone you want!

Have you also always been stressed out about not knowing whether the person opened and read your message? Well, I have a surprise for you called a Flash SMS. To sum it up, it’s the type of message that opens automatically and occupies the whole screen. Therefore, the receiver of your message has to read it. No more wondering has your message gotten through to someone. In a way, you force them to see the message content.

As for getting the ultimate excuse to leave an awkward or annoying situation, I can think of a lot of fake text message ideas that you can use. If you’re having struggle thinking of your own at the moment, keep reading, because you’ll find some useful suggestions.

When you’re planning to send a fake text message, it’s essential to know what you want to achieve with it. Do you wish to prank your friend and make them think that their partner broke up with them or that their mom is mad at them? Use it even to cut short a dinner with a wicked lover! I didn’t tell you this, but it can serve as an excuse to be absent from work or school as well. Show them the message and act like you’re in a panic and have to go. Still, be careful because you don’t want to end up with a grandma that has died four times, according to your messages. So, make sure you always use a new excuse.

Let’s get on to find some fake text message ideas for you. Don’t forget that you should show the SMS to your teacher and your mother. Haven’t you always wanted for your mother to see a message from your teacher saying that you’re a great student? Be careful though, because you don’t want to overdo it, and make it too suspicious. Your teacher probably wouldn’t say that you don’t need to do any homework at all because you’re the most fantastic student they have ever seen. Stay modest when it comes to things like that.

It’s never been more accessible to fake text message online. Just look at the examples below, select the SMS that suits your situation and send a fake text to yourself or the unsuspecting victim.

The 11 most foolproof fake text message ideas

1. To get away from any situation right away

From: Mom

Grandma is in the hospital, and you need to come home right away!

2. To convince someone you got a lot of money or to make him think he did

From: Bank

You got a payment of $9942 to your account.

3. To make your friend believe that his/her soulmate wants to break up

From: Bae

We need to talk. I think I’m pregnant, but I don’t think it’s yours.

4. To get out of a boring meeting

From: Wife

I think I smell gas and I’m starting to feel nauseous, please come home right away.

5. To leave a crazy date and have an excuse for not hooking up

From: Ex

Leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life. I had a car accident, and I realize it now in this hospital bed.

6. To make your mom proud

From: Teacher

I don’t usually message students, but the essay you turned in was the best one I read in years. So, you need to know that you have a bright future ahead of you!

7. To get out of school

From: Dad

Your mother’s tests came back, and you should go home. Show this message to your teacher.

8. To make a friend stay longer

From: Mom

We’ll be home late, feel free to stay at your friend’s house an hour more.

9. To make your partner believe you’re rich

From: Bank

Your American Express Centurion Card has arrived.

10. To make an employer hire you

From: (The name of the company you worked for)

We got information that you’re looking to hire (name). I wanted to let you know that we’re sorry we lost him/her because he was the most valuable member of our little community. Therefore, we highly recommend hiring him, but we are negotiating to offer him higher rates so that he would stay with us.

11. To get out of a situation by acting sick

From: Doctor

Your tests came back, and you should visit me as soon as possible.

There are numerous fake text message ideas on how you can prank someone or help yourself in an awkward situation. Please be careful and do not abuse the service. It’s ok to have some fun as long as the people who receive prank messages don’t feel the consequences.


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